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Meet Bryant

Meet Bryant Prieto

Owner/Founder; Mental Health Provider

I established NewLeaf Counseling of the River Valley, Inc on July of 2017, and have been seeing clients privately since. On October of 2018, I moved my location within Stonehaven Behavior Health & Wellness, in order to work alongside my friend, and long-time mentor, Dr. Monty Atchley. Now, I have had the privilege of opening my new clinic in Fort Smith, AR, with the mission to continue serving my community in the River Valley.

I am a bilingual mental health therapist, proficiently speaking both English and Spanish languages. I am licensed in the state of Arkansas, and am also recognized as a National Certified Counselor (NCC) by the National Board for Certified Counselors. NewLeaf Counseling offers services for all sort of mental health issues, but specializes in all forms of trauma treatment.

To become a part of a client’s journey, to have the privilege of witnessing their healing, and to mark such a difference that it sets a ripple effect that may have the potential of touching and changing other lives for the better in the grand scheme of things”

Our Mission:



I have received formal training, as well as have experience in treating an array of problems and/or disorders. That being said, I have specialized in certain areas being: trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, life changes, relational issues, and ADHD. These specific areas are areas that I have either specialized in while in graduate school, or have received certification in from reputable organizations in order to provide the highest quality services possible. Feel free to click below to check out my qualifications.   

Why Naturopathy

Why Therapy?

It can help with...

Services I offer:

My Therapeutic Approaches:

  • Trauma/PTSD

  • Grief and Loss

  • Panic Disorders

  • Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES)

  • Phantom Limb Syndrome

  • Depression

  • Anxiety 

  • Post-Partum Depression

  • Loss from Miscarriage 

  • ADHD

  • Anger

  • Stress

  • Relational Issues

  • Behavioral Problems

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Other general mental health issues

  • Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Trauma and Grief Therapy

  • Individual Therapy

  • Relational Therapy

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy

  • Brainspotting (BSP)

  • Bilingual Services (English and Spanish)

  • Online and Telephone Counseling

  • Court/Professional Letters

  • Immigration Letters

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Family Systems Therapy

  • Person-Centered Therapy 

  • Trauma Focused Therapy 

Insurance Accepted

we accept the following insurance plans:

Health Savings

At this time, we only accept the insurance plans listed above. We also offer payment plans, and for those without insurance, we offer reduced rates. Please contact our office for more information. 



Contact Us!

Please leave your name, your contact email address, and a good phone number we can call back. We will try to get in touch with you within 24-hours. If you do not get an e-mail back from us within that time frame, please check your junk mail, as many have reported this to be an issue. Thank you.  

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2200 South Waldron Road, Suite D, Fort Smith, AR 72903

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